Récipiendaires d'une allocation de voyage du GRASP:

- 2016 -

Yazan Abbas
(Directeur: Bhushan Nagar), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting: Translational Control - Cold Spring Harbor - USA
Yasser Gidi
(Directeur: Gonzalo Cosa), Gordon Research Conference and Seminar: Single Molecule Approaches to Biology - Hong Kong - China
Yogita Patel (Directeur: Jason Young), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting: Protein Homeostasis in Health and Disease - Cold Spring Harbor - USA
Keshika Prematilake
(Directeur: Peter Pawelek), ASBMB 2016 Annual Meeting - San Diego - USA
Janice Reimer
(Directeur: Martin Scheming), 2016 EMBO Conference: The Biochemistry and Chemistry of Biocatalysts - Oulu - Finland
Qingchuan Zhao (Directeur: Michael Sacher), 2016 Keystone Symposium: Autophagy: Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms - Whistler - Canada
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